To be nothing; oh most happy, most enviable lot in life.
The words, ‘I know nothing except Christ and the crucifixion,’ said by an apostle cost him his life; said by a witness to the truth it brings persecution…said by a poet it becomes a success, said by a declaiming priest not only does he become a success, he is seriously honored as all but holy himself.
The most dangerous situation for a child regarding the religious: The danger is not that the father or educator is a liberal, nor even that he is a hypocrite. No, the danger is that he is a pious and God-fearing man, that the child is sincerely and profoundly convinced of his, but notices a deep disquiet in his father’s soul, as though not even being God-fearing and pious could bring peace to his soul. The danger lies exactly in the fact that, in this situation, the child is given the opportunity to conclude in effect that God is not infinite love after all.
Every individual in the community guarantees the community. The public is a chimera.
Angst is really nothing but impatience.
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Calling oneself a Christian has become so much a condition for advancement in the world that, most likely, you couldn’t even get permission to earn a living by running a whorehouse without proving you are baptizes and are (i.e. call yourself) a Christian.
God’s word was spoken (communicated orally) by a single man and then later written down - nowadays any driveller gets his trash printed in tens of thousands of copies…Oh, what a satire on humanity that God’s word was put into the world in the way it was! And what a satire on humanity that the more message deteriorates, the more widely it is disseminated with the help of ever new inventions!
Science and politics are two false paths for Christianity; the latter is the most dangerous because it can become so popular.
That is why nothing is learnt from history. The illustrious of bygone times stand there in their glory; even persecution and the like have their attraction. No closer understanding is conveyed.