One should think that expectation would be most likely to keep a person awake; yet expectation, when one gives himself to it completely, is very soporific…
Blessed is the man of faith; he believes what he cannot see. Blessed is the lover; he believes away what he nevertheless can see!
I believe that the seen came into being on the basis of that which cannot be seen.
…to become better or seem to be better by help of comparison with the badness of others is indeed a bad way of becoming better.
…for the world is very confused thinker who neither has the time nor the patience to think a single rigorous thought.
'Love believes all things,' for to believe all things means precisely, even though love is not apparent, even though the opposite is seen, to presuppose that love is nevertheless present fundamentally, even in the misguided, even in the corrupt, even in the hateful.
Christianity is no fairy tale — even if the eternal happiness which it promises is more glorious than what any fairy tale offers. Neither is it an ingenious fragment of the imagination intended to be difficult to understand, nor does it impose the conditions of — an idle head and an empty mind.
When Adam lived in paradise, it was: Pray; when he was cast out it was: Work; when Christ came to the world, it was: pray and work (ora et labora).
Man longs for a vision which annuls all relativities and and shows him the absolute worth of even the most insignificant thing, because for the true (i.e. the divine) vision everything is of the same magnitude.
To me, it is clear enough that the confusion of Christianity is due to its having been set back one whole stage of life. That we became Christians as children has promptly given rise to the assumption that one is what has been anticipated.