When someone asks a stupid question, care should be taken not to answer him, lest he who answers becomes just as stupid as the questioner.
A.S. [Arthur Schopenhauer] (Note: Oddly enough, I am called S.A. No doubt we ourselves are also inversely related) is undeniably a significant author; he has interested me a great deal and I have been surprised to find an author who, despite a total disagreement, touches me so.
Yes, ‘Either/Or,’ that’s where the struggle must take place, and that is why my first words are ‘Either/Or.’ And I can say of myself, as it says in ‘Either/Or’: I am an enigmatic being upon whose brow is written ‘Either/Or.’
When the eternal truth relates itself to an existing person, it becomes the paradox.
But one must not think ill of the paradox, for the paradox is the passion of thought, and the thinker without the paradox is like the lover without passion: a mediocre fellow.
And the situation of understanding — how terrifying, for it is indeed less terrifying to fall upon one’s face while the mountains tremble at the god’s voice than to sit with him as his equal, and yet the god’s concern is precisely to sit this way.
The unhappiness is the result not of the lovers’ being unable to have each other but of their being unable to understand each other.
To have an opinion is to me both too much and too little; it presupposes a security and well-being in existence akin to having a wife and children in this mortal life, something not granted to a person who has to be up about night and day and yet has no fixed income.
To be nothing; oh most happy, most enviable lot in life.