The reason nature is so great is that it has forgotten it was chaos…
It takes a lot of naivet√© to believe that it helps to shout and scream in the world, as if one’s fate would thereby be altered. Take what comes and avoid all complications.
How dreadful boredom is - how dreadfully boring; I know no stronger expression, no truer one…I lie prostrate, inert; the only thing I see is emptiness, the only thing I live on is emptiness, the only thing I move in is emptiness. I do not even suffer pain.
Perhaps nothing ennobles a person so much as keeping a secret. It gives a person’s whole life significance.
It is true that sorrow sneaks about in the world so very secretively that only the person who has sympathy for it gains an intimation of it.
The miracle can demonstrate nothing, for if you do not believe him to be who he says he is, then you deny the miracle. The miracle can make aware — now you are in the tension, and it depends upon what you choose, offense or faith; it is your heart that must be disclosed.
Christianity does indeed proclaim itself to be comfort, cure, and healing — that being so, people turn to it as they turn to a friend in need, thank it as they thank a helper, because by the help of it or by its help they believe they will be able to bear the suffering under which they sigh. And then — then the very opposite happens.
A week away.

Even though my posts have been rather infrequent of late, I still want to let everyone know I’ll be headed to Ireland this week to celebrate my two year anniversary. Have a great week and thanks for following! Keep on reading!

The fear of death and allure of suicide yield to a new standard - one we might, in frustration, describe as a higher sort of suicide. To remain healthy, the cured man ‘must at every moment destroy the possibility’ of despair. As a Christian, he [Anti-Climacus] has recognized literal suicide as a despairing ‘crime against God,’ and rejected it accordingly;’ but now he is required to annihilate continuously every defiant element of the self - in an unending effort ‘to die to the world.’
The person who wills the good in truth must above all not be busy but must in quiet patience leave everything up to the good itself, what reward he is to have, what he is to accomplish. He does not dare to permit himself one mediating word, not one hint; he does not dare to ask for the slightest relief from the world.