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I know there a number of his texts I have yet to quote from…I will remedy that as soon as I can. Most of the time, what I’m posting is what I’m reading at the time. Soren Kierkegaard was rather prolific. 

Calling oneself a Christian has become so much a condition for advancement in the world that, most likely, you couldn’t even get permission to earn a living by running a whorehouse without proving you are baptizes and are (i.e. call yourself) a Christian.
God’s word was spoken (communicated orally) by a single man and then later written down - nowadays any driveller gets his trash printed in tens of thousands of copies…Oh, what a satire on humanity that God’s word was put into the world in the way it was! And what a satire on humanity that the more message deteriorates, the more widely it is disseminated with the help of ever new inventions!
Science and politics are two false paths for Christianity; the latter is the most dangerous because it can become so popular.
That is why nothing is learnt from history. The illustrious of bygone times stand there in their glory; even persecution and the like have their attraction. No closer understanding is conveyed.

Once there was a man whose parents had inculcated in him a pious belief in Jesus Christ — as he grew older he understood it less and less. ‘For,’ he said, ‘this I understand, that he was willing to sacrifice his life for truth, and that if he did sacrifice his life it was for the truth What I cannot understand is that he who is love did not, out of love for men, prevent men from committing the greatest of all crimes, that of taking his life.’

The fact is, Christ is not love, least of all in the human sense; he is truth, truth absolutely; that is why not only could he defend their action but had to let men become guilty of his death: i.e. reveal truth to the uttermost degree (the contrary, being weakness, would have been no defense).

'Good-bye, you wish of my youth, you friendly place where I had hoped to build and live with my wish!' The procession moves on — the guiding necessity silently in advance, duty behind, stern and earnest — not cruel, since duty never is that. Ah, see that road branching off to the side; it leads to the wish: 'Good-bye to you, my desired sphere of activity, where I had hoped to forget youth's denied wish in the fulfilled joy of work.' The procession moves on.
Alas, human sympathy often relates itself inversely to suffering, which becomes harder in the long run, and sympathy becomes weary in the long run; the suffering increases while the sympathy diminishes…when […] sympathy is at an end, it sometimes is changed into a kind of bitterness against the sufferer.
What kind of miserable invention is this human language, which says one thing and means another?
He keeps a religious mood as a secret he cannot explain, while at the same time this secrets helps him poetically explain actuality.